Digging into the character of a paradoxical artist

This is really a stunning portrait of a multifaceted artist I discovered today.  Scorsese has crafted a beautiful exploration of the inward and outward journey of a fascinating and complex man and artist.

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Can film show us who we are?

A gorgeous and nostalgic documentary about the subversive power of film in war torned Afghanistan.  Director Pietra Brettkelly (The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins) patiently follows how a group of cinema workers, led by exiled Afghan filmmaker Ibrahim Arify, resurrect the Afghan Film Archive and its 8000 hours of film footage, brutally targeted by the Taliban.

Uncovering the turbulent history of Afghanistan through bit and pieces of often severely damaged films, one travels through time, from sumptuous images of the last king of Afghanistan to swinging sixties parties, from the Soviet invasion to the rise of the Taliban.  A brilliant reflection on how film can show us who we are and how ephemeral that can be.


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Yes, Solutions exist!

Researching for my new film on the sense of belonging, I have been urged to watch the optimistic French film, Tomorrow, that explores solutions for living more creatively and consciously on our planet.

We hear about the gloomy ecological future every day: food, water and oil will soon be hard to find.  The ice cap is melting, species are disappearing at a rate unforeseen, whole Pacific islands are being wiped out…  We know a lot about these dark facts yet do they really call us into action?  Are these facts propelling us to really imagine new solutions?  

What if we just needed to change our focus from depressing informations to asking the right questions, questions that will not allow us to sink into a passive lethargy?  Focussing on what will trigger us to actively make our world a better place.  Or better yet, how about focussing on the opportunities presently opening up for us to rethink and reshape our agriculture, energy systems, financial transactions and educational systems. Could an ecological documentary compel people to re-imagine and contribute to the future of the planet? 

In this rhythmic film, directors Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion have decided to meet gloom with hope and energy and ask action propelling questions.  They thus embark on a vibrant global quest to meet the men and women who are creatively reshaping their environments. The sassy documentary offers here a new vision for the world packed with a uplifting narrative.

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A captivating puzzle

Using archive material in the most original way, this gem of a film has haunted me ever since.

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Bull’s eye

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Animating Noam Chomsky

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The poet’s voice

Through Gaston Miron’s voice, a poetic and evocative journey crafted with NFB archives into Quebec’s history and culture.

”Or je vois nos êtres en détresse dans le siècle/je vois notre infériorité et j’ai mal en chacun de nous.”

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Machiavelian politics

Making the “Uknown Known.” Errol Morris’ incisive and devastating portrait of Donald Rumsfeld. A real horror movie into American politics and the grammar of power.

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Indian stories

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In Babel’s classroom

They have come from around the world to pursue their dreams in France. This little gem of a film follows their immersion into French culture as they learn the codes and intricacies of this new country of adoption.

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